Our organization provides APFC Panels with Harmonic Filters that are useful to control power quality problems that are created by the consumer's load. These difficulties can also easily travel within the common electricity supply network between premises, in turn disrupting a neighbouring consumer's supply. We have adopted guidelines such as IEEE-519 in order to limit the level of disturbance created by each individual consumer. We design and supply Harmonic Filter panels as per the analysis report provided by the customer and studied by our technical experts for giving the maximum output with harmonic suppression

Our Harmonic Filters have an ability to maintain an annual average Power Factor of better than 0.99 and reduce THD to less than 5% and come with excellent payback periods.

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  • Low power / energy consumption
  • Special custom built designs
  • Single and double tuned sections
  • Single and multi stage configurations
  • Compensated and uncompensated filters
  • Switched and fixed filter banks
  • Wide voltage range from 230V to 33 kV
  • Reduced voltage & current distortion levels
  • Compliance with standards & regulations
  • Avoidance of Power Factor, harmonic penalties & kVA demand charges
  • Improved voltage profile
  • Reduced losses in equipment & feeders / cables
  • Prevents mal operation / nuisance tripping of drives, relays etc
  • Reduced loading on transformer, lower heating and extended life