IS: Non Self Healing Type, ISI 13925-1994, IEC-60871,
Voltage Range:
2.2 kV- 24 kV
All Working Loads, Harmonic Filter, APFC Wind Mill, Solar Power, Steel Plants etc.

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  • All film Dielectric is used and consist of Polypropylene in the form of biaxial oriented film, hazy on both sides, and in two or three layers with laser cut Aluminum Foil for the electrodes.
  • The Capacitors are impregnated with a NON –PCB base fluid.
  • Dielectric Loss approx 0.1W/kVAr
  • Capacitors are designed ,manufactured and tested to meet the requirements of IS: 13925-1994,IEC-60871,
  • Voltage Range – 2.4 kV- 24kV
  • Frequency - 50 Hz /60 Hz
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Maximum Permissible Current [Capacitors unit shall be switched for continuous operation at an RMS current of 1.30 times the current that occurs at rated sinusoidal voltage and rated frequency, excluding transients].
  • Temp range: 5° C – 55 ° C
  • Decreasing Voltage drop
  • Reduces network losses.
  • Increase Voltage Stability.
  • Improved Power Quality.
  • Welded bushing and solid terminal stud prevents fluid leaks.
  • Folded foil electrodes reduce partial discharge generation.
  • Extended foils are soldered, providing superior internal connections.
  • Superior paint system with oven cured process.
  • Impregnation process under vacuum to ensure lowest possible humidity content.
  • Maximum output 1000 kVAr Single phase
  • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor applications.
  • Superior electrical performance
  • Individual PF Correction
  • Dynamic PFC
  • Individual PF Correction on three Phase Motor
  • Individual PF Correction of Power Transformers
  • Individual PF Correction of group Power Factor correction
  • Central Power Factor Correction of all Industrial /Inductive Loads
  • Fixed Type Capacitors Bank
  • Filter Application System
  • SVC Application
Range 50kVAr to 1000 kVAr in single unit and Banking up to as per requirements.
Standards IS 13925 (part 1-1998/ IEC-60871 (Part-1-1997)
Rated Voltage 1.9kv-24kv
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum Permissible VOLTAGE 110%for 8/12 H in every 24 H
Over Current 130% of rated current
Capacitance Tolerance -5% to +15%
Temperature rise Less than 10 C above ambien
Casing C.R.C.A/Mild steel square box casing
ENCL Indoor mounting
Expected Life >2,00,000 Hrs
Ambient Temperature -25 C to +25 C
Cooling Natural air cooled / PXE Oil Cooled
Dielectric All film+ Foil (APP Type)
Impregnation Non-toxic, Non-Chlorinated, Bio-Degradable Oil
Safety Internal/External Fuses