Self Healing Capacitors with low losses Metalized Polypropylene Dielectric without liquid impregnates. They have an over pressure disconnection system that discounts the Capacitor in case of any internal failure

Self Healing Type, IS 13340/13341/IEC : 60831-1
Voltage Range:
5 To 25 kVAr For 415/440V/525V/650 V Ac, 50Hz, 3Ph
Inductive Loads, Steel Plants, Textiles, Cement Industries, Building Complexes, APFC Panels, Harmonic Filter Panels etc.Cement Industries

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  • Metalized Polypropylene (MPP) Film Design.
  • Heavy Edge Metallised Multi layer MPP Film.
  • Box Type.
  • Pressure Disconnector to Internal Elements
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Explosion proof design (Over pressure Disconnector)
  • Low losses due to advanced winding and zinc spray equipments.
  • Weather Proof
  • Powder Coating Design
  • Jelly impregnate for proper cooling
  • Low weight and compact volume
  • Working Expectancy Life 150,000 hrs
  • Fixed PF. Correction
  • Automatic P.F. Correction
  • Harmonic Filter System
  • Dynamic PFC systems
Standard Self healing Type ,IS 13340/13341/IEC : 60831-1
Capacitance tolerance ± 5 % As per Standards
Out put kVAr 5 to 25 kVAr
Rated Current 6.2 A to 32.75 Amp
Rated Voltage 415/440 VAC ( other ratings on Request)
Frequency 50Hz
Temperature Range-Ambient temp category -25/D
Dielectric Losses <0.2 W /kVAr(Without Discharge Resistors)
Total Losses <0.50W /kVAr (inclusive discharge resitors)
Maximium Over Voltage in accordance with above standards Ucn+10%(upto 8hrs daily) Ucn+15%(upto 30mints daily), Ucn+20%(upto5mints), Ucn+30%(upto 1mint)
Maximium over current 1.5 X IN
Peak Inrush Current 250 X In
Tolerance on Capacitance -5/+10%
Max THD in Voltage Voltage should not excceds above over voltage value
Max THD IN Current Current should not excceds above over current value
Discharge resistance External ,1 minutes,50 V
Connection Delta
Casing CRCA Square BOX Casing
Disconnection System Pressure Disconnector to interal elements.
Dielectric Dry / Oil Field Type
Voltage test between Terminals 2.15xUcn,AC,2 seconds
Voltage test between terminals to Case 3000VAC,2 seconds
Protection IP20
Permissible relative Humidity Max 95%
Expected Life 20000/50000 operating hours
Altitude 2000 m above sea level
Impregnation Oil Impregrnant
Enclosure Indoor Mounting
Mounting Position Vertical
Mounting & Earthing Vertical or Wall mounting