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APFC Relay

APFC Relay

Three Phase Single CT

Micro controller based DSP logic for measurements
All measurements are done with Class 1 accuracy

Three Phase 3 CT

Suitable for three-phase sensing applications

Auto-synchronization capable of detecting wrong
connections at CT terminals, even can also
detect wrong CT polarity.

Single Phase Single CT

Suitable for Single-phase sensing applications

User-friendly PC software for data logging and
GSM monitoring (SPF-35). Real Time Power
Factor Correction Controllers (RTPFC) offers a
complete solution for Automatic Power Factor
Correction employing Thyristor based switching of capacitors

HT Power Factor Controller

Intelligent KVAR based switching
Available in 4 to 16 stages (available stages 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16) and easy to Install.

Types of APFC Relay

Thyristor Based APFC Relay – Suitable For Milisecond Switching
Cloud Based APFC Relay
Gsm Based APFC Relay
House Hold APFC Relay

Technical Details

Technical Details coming soon

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