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Cylindical Type Capacitor

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Cylindical Type Capacitor

Self-Healing Capacitors fitted in a rectangular sheet steel plate enclosure having discharge resistors connected to the terminals, which are protected by the cover.

They are suitable for the individual compensation of inductive loads and in the construction of small Automatic Capacitor Banks.

  • Self Healing Type, IS 13340/13341/IEC : 60831-1
  • 5 to 25 kVAr For 440V/525V/650 V Ac, 50Hz, 3Ph
  • Metalized Polypropylene (MPP) Film Design
  • Heavy Edge Metalized Multilayer MPP
  • CRCA enclosure Cylindrical Casing Design
  • Jelly/Oil impregnation given cooling effect
  • Explosion Proof Design 
  • Low losses due to advanced winding and zinc spray equipments.
  • Working Expectancy  life 150,000 hours
  • Backed by German Technology 
  • Fixed PF. Correction
  • Automatic P.F. Correction
  • Filter Application System
  • Dynamic PFC
  • Tuned and Detuned Harmonic Filter

Inductive Loads, Steel Plants, Textiles, Cement Industries, Building Complexes, APFC Panels, Harmonic Filter Panels etc.Cement Industries

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