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What's a capacitor

A capacitor, or cap, is an electronic component that can take up, store, and discharge electrical energy. Because they can do all that quickly, capacitors are used to filter or buffer any sudden changes in a circuit's voltage, smoothing the ensuing signal

How can I receive a catalog?

UE Catalog no longer publishes a complete printed catalog, because we want our customers to always have the most up-to-date information. Our website has the most up to date product data. Product data can be displayed and printed in different formats, such as an individual part or an entire product line (as was done in our print catalog).

Please explain for the formula for Temperature Rise within a Capacitor.

Put simply. The temperature rise formula is the rms AC current( ripple) squared times the ESR of the capacitor at the operating frequency divided by a thermal constant multiplied by the surface area of the capacitor.

IF the calculated temperature rise is greater than 10C then the capacitor is being overstressed and will eventualy fail sooner than it should.

How can I meassure the ESR in a practical way?

EIA dictates that ESR must be measured using the bridge method using a test frequency of 120 Hz or 1kHz depending on the type of capacitor so the easiest way to measure ESR is by using a LCR bridge..

Is there any obligation to indicate the Safety Standard Certified mark on Safety Standard Certified products?

There is an obligation to indicate the mark; however, since the indication is illegible on small-sized products, after negotiating with the certification authority and obtaining their agreement we do not indicate the marks on the products.

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