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L.V. Capacitors


The use of double sided hazy film, vacuum drawing and impregnation with non toxic non- PCB bio degradable oil under very high vacuum ensures an electrically stable Capacitor with excellent partial discharge characteristics Film + Foil design with high grade steel tank.

  • Non Self Healing Type, IS 13585/1994/1998
  • 5 to 50 kVAr  in single  unit and above in Bank 
  • 415/440/575/690/850/950 VAC. 50 Hz.
  • 3 Ph, Delta Connected
  • Hazy all  Polypropylene Film +Foil Type
  • Non self healing Type
  • Operated at high temperature
  • Static Indoor type and oil filled, box type,
  • (CRCA  Enclosure)Mild Steel
  • 100% Oil filled Non P.C.B Non Toxic Oil
  • Highest inrush current withstanding capacity
  • Strongly recommended to use at extreme
  • high temperature environment.
  • 99.99% Pure Aluminum Foil
  • Suitable for odd Harmonics  load
  • Weather Proof Powder coating
  • Maintenance Free
  • Explosion Proof
  • Expected Life of Capacitors12- 15 Years
  • Losses < 0.2 /5 watts kVAr
  • No drifting in kVAr value upto limited period
  • No Oil Leakage and Maintenance free
  • Fixed & Automatic P.F. Correction with Tuned & Detuned Filters 
  • Indoor use filter applications
  • It is recommended to use at extreme high temperature environment like Foundries & Steel Industries, Cement Industries, Textile Industries.

Note for Harmonic Loads ,525 V Capacitors with Series Reactors are recommended.

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