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We at Usha Electric want everyone to have access to Reliable, Efficient and Quality Energy, which is Sustainable. We are committed to innovate ways and means to address these needs and consequently, We as the Leader in Energy Saving Technology, provide the most relevant, state-of-the-art technology solution of Power Factor Improvement through our wide range of Products.

The availability of Uninterruptable Quality Electrical Power and saving of Energy is the need of the hour. Simultaneously, awareness for the same is also increasing globally.
To achieve these set goals, Power Factor Correction Capacitors (PFC) and Harmonic Filters are to be installed on an accelerating scale. In addition, in power distribution with Low and Medium Voltage Networks, PFC focuses on the Power Flow (CosФ) and the

optimization of Voltage stability by generating reactive power – to improve voltage quality and reliability at distribution.

This will ensure not only enhancing Power Quality but also Improvement of Power Factor thus saving energy cost and fast “Return On Investment” and Usha Power is available at your back and call to provide you this service round the clock.